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  • It was the Winter who made me appreciate Summer, it was the Snow who help me appreciate the Sun, it was the Cold that help me appreciate the Heat, it was Hurricane Sandy that help me appreciate the Rain. It was seeing my grandmother on Life Support that made me appreciate the Life. It was experiencing Heartache from Love that made me appreciate Love. It was after losing Everything that made me appreciate Something. It might not mean anything to people who have had everything, but this post is for the people who couldn’t see the Mountains because they were too busy looking at the Valley. Its for people who know what being broke feels like, what being broken feels like, what being brokenhearted feels like…this is who this post is for..But thanks be unto GOD who didn’t give up on us when we gave up on ourselves. ..He dusted us off when we were rolling around in the dirt…He wiped the tears from our eyes when they were swollen shut from crying. I am ever so grateful. Listen, if you’re reading this post and you’re feeling some kinda way about how life has been treating you, don’t you throw in the towel. We are in this together…keep your head up because in the end WE WIN!

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    Justice For Trayvon Martin Rallies
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