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Lifestyle expert Bereola has tackled this “wifey” phenom in his article “Will You Be My Wifey” stating that wifey is a phrase that allows B.S. to take place without the responsibilities and commitment of a marriage. Below are some excerpts of that article: 

What is a “Wifey”: 

It’s that gray area that allows rules to be bent, broken and belittled without any real consequence. This wifey phrase allows B.S. to take place without the responsibilities and commitment of a marriage. If you’re just a wifey, you can’t hold him accountable for certain things. Wifies don’t wear a ring. They don’t have a ceremony, a certificate or any tax breaks. All they have is a slightly elevated title designed to keep them happy yet at bay while we go play. 

What is a Wife:

A wife is a woman with a mutual lifetime commitment to a man in a God-sanctioned union – A wifey is just a really great friendship. The Bible’s and law’s definition of husband and wife are correct. Any other interpretation is your imagination. There exists no religious, local ordinance, state statue, or public policy for the title of a wifey. If you think marriage is just a piece of paper, then your marriage will just be a piece of paper. But if you fully understand the depth, love and sanctity of marriage, then that’s what you will experience. Your wifey won’t give you a kidney, but your wife will.

Tips for the Ladies:

Stop being the girlfriend before the relationship and stop being the wife(y) before the marriage. There’s a huge difference between display of potential and fully taking on a roll that isn’t yours. The problem with playing wife when you’re not is simple – you’re not. When you keep giving your all away to various boyfriends, you’ll keep getting played until you have nothing left of yourself.

 Tips for the Men:

To hell with all your car analogies about needing to test drive before purchase – a lady isn’t a vehicle, she’s a lady. You’ve strung women along long enough. How many times do you need to taste the fish before throwing it back in the sea? Expecting a single lady to act married is like denying the responsibility of a job, but expecting a paycheck. And referring to her as “wifey” so she feels special enough while you do your thing is some elementary school playground type ish. Call it what it is. We know an amazing lady when we see one, so be an amazing man and plan to step up and put something grand on her hand.

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