For some reason there are a number of products that cost more for women than they do for men. Why? We don’t exactly know. But we can let you know what a few of those things are! One is deodorant…maybe women sweat more? Also razors cost more for women, probably because companies try to make […]

Join Our Text Club To Get The Latest Music, Entertainment, Contests And Breaking News On Your Phone. Text MAGIC to 23845 to join! DeVon Franklin talks about this new book, “The Truth About Men” and why it’s important for men to learn how to love themselves first. Related: DeVon Franklin Says Men ‘Can Be Better’, Talks […]

Lately I have been exploring the topic of women, sexual freedom, power, notions of masculinity and how they are all intertwined and play out.  Here is a quick look at my thoughts on being single.  There is nothing wrong with a woman (or a man) being single and still enjoying sex.  Personally, I believe people […]

In a new video Ludacris sports fake man abs for laughs. Ladies sport fake things, enhancements and even some body trickery at times to be more appealing. Can or should a man use bodymagic/ shapers, lacefronts, airbrushing and extensive surgery to attract the opposite sex or is that a ladies only option? Yes! I want […]

As the discussion of women and self-image continues–real versus fake, natural versus augmented–some men need to understand how they may be exhibiting and exercising male privilege.  It plays out very similarly to white privilege.  

An entire two day conversation between men and women took place on The April Watts Show as a result of Tyrese’s Instagram post that chastised women for physical enhancements like weaves, eyelash extension and plastic surgery. I was so disgusted by Tyrese’s post that I did a 2 part water cooler buzz over the course […]

This video literally made me cry at 4am. A strong male presence is so important in our communities. I am a strong woman but ONLY a man (specifically THAT TYPE OF MAN IN THE VIDEO) could have gotten those young men to squash that beef. We NEED men and not just the ones with sharp […]

If you want him to get closer, there is a process for that. Check out this full list of tips for keeping a man interested and close. CLICK HERE for the list.

For millennia, there have been studies trying to determine the "cause" of homosexuality, especially regarding Black men.