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In a new video Ludacris sports fake man abs for laughs. Ladies sport fake things, enhancements and even some body trickery at times to be more appealing.

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Can or should a man use bodymagic/ shapers, lacefronts, airbrushing and extensive surgery to attract the opposite sex or is that a ladies only option?

  • Yes! I want my man to look his best and if he needs some extra hair or surgery, go for it.
  • Lots of men already do! They wear make-up and wear girdles on TV. It is going to come to a home near you.
  • Nope. I’m happy with my teddy bear figure and winning personality
  • #ManLaw105: thou shall NOT use Body Enhancement / Devil Trick foolery to enhance thine image. Do some push ups. Run a lap around Lake Montebello… cut the crap. lol
  • Men already partake of body enhancements. They just aren’t showcased or criticized the way women are.
  • Man Code – any man who would use any prosthetic item to so called enhance himself. They probably don’t want a women anyway. Any man who debates that…let’s not and you can pretend we did. Men don’t partake in Bitchassness.

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