An entire two day conversation between men and women took place on The April Watts Show as a result of Tyrese’s Instagram post that chastised women for physical enhancements like weaves, eyelash extension and plastic surgery.

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I was so disgusted by Tyrese’s post that I did a 2 part water cooler buzz over the course of two days to address the disparities between what men say they want and the messages that are sent to women (especially black women) through their actions.  Please watch the videos and read the posts below.  Black women need to be loved and protected by black men, not criticized and degraded.

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It is impossible to discuss women and self-image without incorporating the issue of race. And this is what I mean by black women are DESIRED but not valued. We have been reduced to the sum of our body parts. That has nothing to do with how we dress or claiming our sexuality. It has everything to do with the general perception of our worth. Poor Sarah Baartman was displayed as a circus act and, when she died, her genitalia was put on display in a museum. When a voluptuous woman such as Buffie Carruth owns her body and her sexuality, she is considered to be a ho–only good for sex. And when a woman like Kim Kardashian purchases the same features and owns her sexuality, she is viewed as a goddess (and makes a ton of money off of her ASSets). These images and perceptions permeate our society and seep into the psyches of everyday people. It's deep. #YourFavoriteGirl #opinion #men #women #beauty #natural #plasticsurgery

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