THE BUZZ! The Soul Train Awards Renamed a Gendered Award to Honor Janelle Monáe Next, Speaking about rethinking things. The 36th annual Soul Train Awards took place and this year there was one big change. An award intended for women recording artists got remixed and is now a gender neutral award, BET announced the previously […]

THE BUZZ! American women are living nearly 6 years longer than men, new study finds. But why? First up A new report has found that the life expectancy gap between women and men in the United States has widened to its largest in decades. According to a study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, […]

THE BUZZ! Illinois residents are the most beautiful in America, study finds Ok, so there’s another study. This one claims they’ve found which state in the U.S. has the most beautiful residents. A study by Bonus Finder, calculated the number of Miss USA winners, Victoria’s Secret Angels, and models from each state. The study also included the number […]

THE BUZZ! Women’s World Cup Daily: Jamaica send Brazil crashing out Big shout to the Jamaican women national team. A story of defying the odds. Jamaican women’s soccer team, the Reggae Girlz, made history by knocking Brazil out of the Women’s World Cup and advancing to the knockout stages for the first time ever. A […]

THE BUZZ!   First, The United States experiences about 6.1 million pregnancies each year, and nearly half of them are not planned. The FDA’s recent ok has the potential to impact those numbers. Opill, a birth control tablet that exclusively utilizes the hormone progestin, will soon be accessible for over-the-counter purchase. This marks the first […]

The Wendy Williams Show to be officially CANCELED in June due to host’s prolonged health battle and will be replaced by Sherri Shepherd Ok, so it looks like there has been an update on the Wendy Williams Show situation and the company co-presidents said in a statement that ‘Since Wendy is still not available to […]

Why the first responding officer at the Ahmaud Arbery shooting didn’t provide first aid More details are coming out in the trial for the murder of Ahmaud Arberry. So the first responder who arrived on the scene first testified in court and said he did not render first aid to Arbery due to the danger of the situation as well […]

Netflix standing by Dave Chappelle and ‘The Closer’ Dave Chappelle’s new show The Closer is not closing as of right now. This past week has seen Dave Chappelle’s name thrown around in the cancel culture circle after some comments he made during his new Netflix comedy special were deemed by some as Transphobic. In an […]

Inside The Buzz: Are You Smarter Than A Two Year Old. Probably not if that Two year old is named Kashe Quest . This young genius who is the youngest member of American Mensa. Mensa, is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world and the only way to join or even qualify is to score in […]

This is a question of equal rights and so much more. It also lets us know the state of our society when it comes to sexuality and how mature we are. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR APP AND TAKE US WITH YOU ANYWHERE! Well the fight for women to be able to go topless in […]