As the discussion of women and self-image continues–real versus fake, natural versus augmented–some men need to understand how they may be exhibiting and exercising male privilege.  It plays out very similarly to white privilege.

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A little lesson on how privilege works… Whether economic privilege, racial privilege, or a combination of the two, it is often very difficult for the privileged to recognize the plight of the under privileged because of vanatage point. Such can be the case with gender related issues. On the topic of #women and #selfimage, I find it scary that some men can completely disregard what women are saying they have experienced and how their experiences have impacted them emotionally and psychologically to tell them an issue that is very real for them doesn't exist. So, are women walking around this Earth (more specifically this country) feeling bad about themselves and taking drastic measures to augment their appearance because they are crazy for no rhyme or reason? Come on. A problem exists and both men and women contribute to and perpetuate the problem. I don't have all the answers but here's what I do know, the issue isn't going to be resolved without honest conversation. Conversation takes place between two or more sides; two or more people. LISTENING is just as much a part of conversation as expressing one's position. Swooping down from the sky to "rescue women from themselves" without listening to what they have to say, telling them how to feel, and belittling their struggles as invalid or figments of their imaginations is symptomatic of the problem. Being unable or unwilling to recognize the role everyone (including men) plays in the problem wreaks of that typical patriarchal mentality. You can be well-meaning and just as much a part of the problem as someone that means harm. How are you going to help an individual or group and not make them a part of the conversation? I don't even have to point out the parallel. It's blaring. #yourfavoritegirl #opinion #gender #men #women #natural #plasticsurgery

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