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With the success of Think Like a Man that grossed over $60million in its first ten days, Blacks in Hollywood are coming into a spectacular period of prominence. Led by a vanguard group of African-Americans that you may not know. There is a new black Hollywood power structure evolving, and its shot callers are making some very impressive moves.

In fact, recent box office triumphs such as Think Like a Man have been created by many influential African-American producers, directors, casting agents and more who have spent years working under the radar; some in television or independent film. With their fresh successes, the “new” black Hollywood has just become more conspicuous and more powerful.

Crowd-pleasers such as Think Like a Man and Jumping the Broom (2011) were authored by these specialists, who pooled their talents to create films with dazzling ensemble casts. By working together, they have generated the wattage required to consistently get money-making films greenlit — an influence formerly held by a handful of black superstars.

Mara Brok Akil, Tracey Edmonds, Glendon Palmer, Will Packer and Tim Story are just some of the directors and producers that are making an impact in Hollywood.

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