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Actress Stacy Dash best known for TV series Clueless and short lived cast member of Singles Ladies, proudly supports presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Defending her right to vote for the candidate of her choice Stacy had this to say:

“I want the next four years to be different, when I watched the  governor and his wife on Meet the Press with David Gregory, they spoke to me and  they seemed authentic and genuine about what they said about this country about  the need for us to be united and move forward.”

Just curious, did this actress just tune into election coverage, did she miss the comment about the 47% and is her career in such a slump that she now needs shock value to revive her career … I’m just saying!

Fans are not too happy with Stacy Dash support of former Governor and flip flopping Republican Mitt Romney.

A tweeter had this to say to Stacy Dash

You’re an unemployed black woman endorsing @MittRomney.  You’re voting against yourself thrice. You poor beautiful idiot.”

Dash continued this strange uninformed support of Romney by saying

“He said thank you so much for your support, and that I was brave and that  they support me and I thought that was so generous and kind, lovely,”

I’m sure you were included in the 47% and still is!

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