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Our sister site The Urban Daily caught up with the funk master himself George Clinton to talk about his experiences in the music industry.

Groupie Love:

Well, there’s always a new crop of groupies. [laughs] I saw some groupies out there tonight that I knew and they are great grandmothers. They were still out in the audience. They get older, but then new ones come in and take their place. [laughs] Some of the older ones are still out here competing with the 17 and 18 year olds.

The Evolution of Funk:

They do funk music now. Hip-Hop has got a lot of funk in it, s**t. You find a whole bunch of funk in hip-hop and gospel. A couple of years back, Ice Cube did a record called “Bop Gun.” Kirk Franklin used the same song to sample for his song “Stomp.”

His Legacy: 

I want to be known as the man who brought it to the attention of America about the copyright issues. That’s what I would like my legacy to be, to have turned people on to the fact they need to fight for the rights to their music. You have to fight a lot of people for your music. You have to fight the copyright company, like BMI. You have to fight these record companies because they really want to take it.

Read the rest of the interview at here

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