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Women can stop worrying about apple-shaped figures. Big bottoms have been scientifically proven to be a sign of good health. 

Well Ladies, studies have shown that the fat responsible for producing the round shaped flaunted by many celebrities such as Kim K , Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce may be a plus in protecting women from diseases by releasing certain hormones. In Addition, buttock and hip fat may protect a lot of women against type 2 diabetes, many researchers at Harvard Law School have found this to be true.

Studies have also shown that when using buttocks and hip fat from mice  injected into other mice make their bodies used to blood sugar-regulating hormone insulin and the lost of weight.  They also took advantage of insulin which protects against diabetes.

People with the round shape stored around the stomach, can be more susceptible to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Those with coke- bottle shaped bodies allowing fat collection in the buttocks, are less likely to develop these disorders. Researcher Dr. Ronald Kahn says that not all fat is bad for health. Click Here To View More. 

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