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THE CONCLUSION:  Not Guilty another sad moment for the Martin family as the justice system has failed another Black Family in the death of a 17 year old young man … Trayvon Martin.  As the verdict was being read Zimmerman smile as if he already knew. An unbalanced jury proved the tragedy this country’s Judicial system. The truth was not reach due process FAILED!

This is not just any other case, due to it’s nationwide impact and racial indifference that can’t be ignored. This was clearly an unlawful killing, but the jury has the benefit to decide guilt or innocence.

The State of Florida especially Seminole County is prepared to combat civil unrest with heighten security, plain cloths police in a city spilling over with tension. Just announced, in the Murder Case of Trayvon Martin a unanimous decision has been reached ….

The life of Trayvon Martin ened at the hands of George Zimmerman. The fate of Zimmerman is in the hands of  jurors, 6  women, most gun owners, mothers and one with an arrest background.

It’s a critical time for Sanford Florida as the verdict will have an overwhelming impact on young Black America, families and the state’s stand your ground law.

After a day of deliberation here’s the verdict … the criminal justice system’s fate of George Zimmerman has been decided … NOT GUILTY believe or not very troubling.

The pain of Trayvon Martin’s parents, still not over but today there is some resolve.