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This past weekend food shopping in Baltimore drove concerns higher over the government shut down. As grocery consumers abandoned food at the register due to a Xerox Corp EBT/Debit Card glitch. Food stamp cards in a number of stores were not accepted and did not show a balance. Xerox is the card vendor for the food stamp program and the system failed, causing many to believe it was a direct result of the government shutdown

Many frustrated and panicked callers jammed the Magic 95.9  studio lines looking for answers why they were unable to purchase food at various grocery and food chain stores. 17 cities and their residents were affected including Baltimore. I was able to identify stores that would allow consumers to spend a certain limit.

As people cleared off shelves in other cities police were called in to Wal-Mart to assist employees through a Black Friday type stampede. The cards were not showing limits. A Corporate spokesperson for Wal-mart instructed the chain to allow the food purchases for 2 hours. However, this then caused fraudulent use by some identified when the system was back up and running. No arrest were made but people were detained and told to put the food back.

This was not part of the government shutdown by just as alarming. Impacting families, seniors and children, most already struggling to comfortably survive day-to-day.

Still today, Monday, October 14, 2013 we’re waiting for the government to answer the call to put this country back on an economic fast track. Strengthening the infrastructure, avoiding a devastating depression, continuing benefits to individuals, retired seniors, families as well as The  Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care)  must effectively continue . This comes just as the Obama administration revived the financial fall in America. Wall Street recently closed up 300 points at closing maybe there is slight optimism.

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