After nearly two weeks a deal has been reached to reopen the Federal Government through January 15, 2014. House Speaker, Ohio Republican  John Boehner said “There’s no good reason for our members to vote ‘no,'”  The bipartisan plan introduced by The Senate would fund the government sending furloughed employees back to work.  Temporarily, but just as importantly, […]

From the beginning Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake supported legalizing Maryland’s Same-Sex Marriage Law. The Mayor was one of the first local political leaders to officiated over Marriages at City Hall and Druid Hill Park.  A visible Grand Marshall at Baltimore’s Summer 2013 Gay Pride event. As a result, of the Mayor’s sincere efforts in the fight for equality for all she […]

This past weekend food shopping in Baltimore drove concerns higher over the government shut down. As grocery consumers abandoned food at the register due to a Xerox Corp EBT/Debit Card glitch. Food stamp cards in a number of stores were not accepted and did not show a balance. Xerox is the card vendor for the food […]

Whoopi Goldberg, an avid fan and supporter of the late iconic X rated female comedian , Moms Mabely directed the documentary of Moms Mabley for the Tribecca film festival. Now “I Got Somethin To Tell You” comes to HBO. The film highlights the legacy of the late comedian , funny but controversial in the presentation […]

The scandalous fall of a promising political changer intercepted by lust and greed. Kwame Kilpatrick’s position of power and influence assisted in further destroying a decaying city. Once vibrant as the Motor City and the hottest soul music scene of the 60’s forever affectionately known as  Motown, the home of music legends like Smokey Robinson, […]

It was a tense afternoon on Capitol Hill today not only were concerns of the Federal government shutdown top and major story of the week but get this, an unidentified woman struck the outer perimeter barricades of the White House earlier this afternoon for reasons unknown.As a result, The U.S.  Capitol was placed on a brief lockdown after […]

Victims of sexually explicit photos or video can now file a law suit based on a ban against angry ex-lovers exploiting others on social media or through emails as part of break up revenge The bill is called “revenge porn” banning the unauthorized use of nude photos or video with sexual content and sexual exposure. […]

Rock and Roll Hall a Framer, Richard Wayne Penniman affectionately known as Little Richard recently suffered a mild heart attack. During an interview  in Atlanta, he told singer and X Factor judge, Cee Lo Green  that God pulled him through. “I was coughing, and my right arm was aching,” he told Green. I told my son, ‘Make […]

Principle Lesson Over The Blessing: My daughter and I was leaving IHOP Saturday, after having a wonderful breakfast. I saw my grandmother’s friend of whom I haven’t seen in a long time, and I got so excited that I chatted with her, but forgot to pay the bill. I drove to DC, while there I […]

No Write Offs: Before you “Write off “every NEGATIVE situation, every Attack, or every Conflict in your life as an “attack of the devil” or you start “rebuking it”, and you began to use That as an excuse to Justify remaining in Mediocrity; decide if you believe that Your steps are Ordered by GOD and […]