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Whoopi Goldberg, an avid fan and supporter of the late iconic X rated female comedian , Moms Mabely directed the documentary of Moms Mabley for the Tribecca film festival. Now “I Got Somethin To Tell You” comes to HBO.

The film highlights the legacy of the late comedian , funny but controversial in the presentation of her adult material in which Whoopi Goldberg relates to very well. The work will include released as will as unreleased stand up and photography of Moms Mabley. Numerous actors/comedians will lend their support and opinion on the impact of the female comedy pioneer who pave the way for so many others in entertainment.

Born in the late 1800’s her life story reads like a book, fascinated by her courage, wisdom and bravery.  Jackie Moms Mabley one of the most successful performers on the Chitlin Circuit  eared $10,000 a week at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. In 1920s and 1930s she appeared in androgynous clothing starred with Broadway’s Paul Robeson in the movie Emperor Jones. Moms also record female friendly “lesbian stand-up” routines.

Moms Mabley was at the top of the game and one of the most successful women in entertainment ,  black or white.

She recorded more the 20 comedy albums containing X rated material only comparable to comedian Red Fox. TV, Live Stand Up, Movies and the clubs were home to Moms Mabley. Her contribution is major and recognized by many.

Jackie Moms Mabley passed away in 1975 will always be remembered.

“Probably the next thing I’ll do on Broadway]is a one-woman show about Moms Mabley. I can do her material, and the material still works. Moms Mabley has been a huge inspiration to me and so many others, but not a lot of folks outside of the comedy world know about her legacy”.