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A lady reached out to me that she has been engaged for five years and is bothered by it. She wanted to know if she was being unreasonable about not just waiting on her guy to start making plans.

My Advice:

Your Advice:

  • I’ve been a relationship for seven years and will marry in April. No one has the right to tell someone else what time restraints they should/shouldn’t have…  but a woman/man has to respect herself enough to know when walking away just may be best.
  • That’s a bit long.. He is not ready … And I would not force him .. Forced relationships don’t work
  • Lol. …. A two year engagement is more than enough time to make plans for the wedding
  • Engagements should be NO longer than 2 years.  That’s pushing it.  Sounds like someone is BSing.
  • Way too engagement should be no longer than 2 years.You should already be financially set when u propose.
  • Everyone has made a good point. They were dating 7 years & engaged for 5? The writing is all over the wall. This lady need to accept the fact that he doesn’t want to get married. What is he waiting for?
  • Maybe she should just make all the plans…tell him to dress in this tux she rented for a special event…get a fam member to take him there..and waaallaaahhh the marriage she’s been waiting for :)

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