Magic Mess

A woman reached out to me because her daughter is going to prom next week and she believes that the daughter is planning to have sex prom night. She wanted to know if it is too late to have “the talk.”


Your Advice

  • It’s never too late to talk with your kids. Mom voice is the voice of reason and children should know that all information and advice comes with loving them.
  • Nope, I don’t think it’s EVER too late to have those kinds of talks
  • She should HAVE THE TALK NOW. Although the talk should have been given because by now the talk has probably come from some a outsider. So she should GIVE THE TALK NOW RATHER THEN LATER!!!

My Advice

Sister it is never too late to give your daughter advice on how to handle her sex life. Let her know your values, morals and ideas in that area and make it clear that you are here for her no matter what she decides to do. Keep the conversation open and light hearted so that she feels that she can bring issues to you. Speak to her about protection and make sure she understands how to secure it if needed. She will always need your guidance and you should always step in when you feel she needs it!



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