What is that thing that people do with their kids that you don’t understand?

  • People who let their children run all over the Store or Any place of Business! When I was coming up, I was told before we got in the store, don’t touch or ask for anything!!
  • Cussing out small children for being a child in public or private!
  • This may seem weird but I always feel strange when I say young boys shopping with their moms in the women’s underwear section of the department store…looking at the bras and panties all confused…LOL!
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  • Talk to them like they r the same age. Regardless if the child is grown. Be a parent, not ur buddy. Yes your parents should be your friend but if yall cuss together, if they encourage each other in sexual immorality, if they dont have set boundaries, there is a very big gap in respect.
  • Let them in to the bathroom while washing up or females changing during personal time… Let kids see all the private body parts… Tear up people houses .. Only telling them stop a million times instead of teaching them how to act and popping them on the bottom if they don’t act appropriately
  • people leaving their kids in a hot car and claiming they forgot they were in there
  • people walking 100 feet in front of their small kids, instead of the kids in front of them or they should be holding their hand.
  • Partying with your kids
  • Letting your kids smoke weed, drink and have sex under your roof
  • Bringing the little kids to movies not to see a cartoon but to see whatever you want to see ( rated R films) Then they crying, hollering and making all this noise. Get a babysitter or stay home with them. Really!

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