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Gov. Elect Hogan said earlier this week that Baltimore was on the decline and he will be focusing on efforts to better the City. Do you agree with him?

  • The mayor should be fired, the police don’t solve crimes, the casino has to many fights, she needs to stop trying to look glamorous and focus on our youth thats out of control, and fixing the millions of messed up streets.. fired she needs to go.
  • I agree that the city is in decline, but the reason is not all on the politicians. Poor family structure, lawlessness, and a reduced focus on education is a real concern to me. As citizens, we must be accountable and make good decisions.
  • City is def on a decline…fair share for everyone to go around! Can’t have a city that constantly refuses to see there is a real problem with crime, which leads to the other issues! Yes, politicians are a major issue, and that is inclusive of the oh so lovely(NOT) mayor, the commissioner(the police dept. in gen), the city council, any other office, n the citizens who vote or should I say DON’T VOTE—fair share of the decline!
  • I don’t think the city is in decline everywhere. Look at harbor east, canton, fells point, federal hill, Patterson park….they make up about a third of the city …yes I know that those neighborhoods are not exactly “diverse” and a lot of city residents want to exclude them but they are absolutely in no way in decline. It starts there and they produce a ton of $$$ for the city. So far as the crime, how do the police solve crimes without people willing to testify?
  • Baltimore is not in a decline. I traveled many states when I was over rd and I see more potential here in Baltimore now than ever before.

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