THE BUZZ! WHITE HOUSE AWARDS $93M IN GRANTS TO HBCUS, MSIS, AND TRIBAL SCHOOLS Lastly, The White House is putting some big money into education. The U.S. Department of Education has awarded $93 million in grants to 20 colleges and universities serving minority and underserved communities. These grants aim to improve research and development efforts and boost […]

THE BUZZ! Diplomas sold for $465, no classes required First up. Getting a high school diploma in this state just got a whole lot easier.? Louisiana has nearly 9,000 private schools that can grant diplomas without state approval or class attendance. One of the schools offers a high school diploma for $465 without requiring students […]

THE BUZZ! 17-YEAR-OLD BLACK STUDENT COULD EARN HER TEACHING DEGREE BY AGE 19 Black excellence. Hannah Pearson is a 17-year-old college student from North Carolina aiming to become a licensed teacher before turning 19. She graduated from high school early and earned an associate of arts degree from Robeson Community College. Hannah is currently majoring […]

THE BUZZ! California Man Contracted Legionnaires’ Disease After Sitting In Hot Tub for Five Minutes; Dies Within Days. Officials Say Spa Was Operating Illegally. Sometimes it doesn’t take long for a life changing moment. Such is the case with a 61 year old man in California who went to Zen Day Spa on July 19 and […]

THE BUZZ! Texas teen was told girls of color couldn’t do well. She’s graduating college at 14. Black Girl Magic History Update. Alena McQuarter, a 14-year-old from Florida, is a teenage prodigy. At 12 she completed high school. Then was the youngest NASA intern and the youngest Black individual to secure admission to medical school. […]

THE BUZZ! Nursing pillows are linked to 162 infant deaths while their parents slept just feet away, new investigation shows Something else that should be good but can be fatal is nursing pillows. At least 162 infants have died due to nursing pillows since 2007. The youngest victim was only three days old, and most […]

THE BUZZ! Seattle Public Schools sue TikTok, Meta for youth mental health crisis The biggest school district in Seattle is coming for some social media companies. Alleging that they contribute to the mental health crisis of kids. The Seattle Public Schools filed a lawsuit against media companies behind TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat alleging their platforms […]

THE BUZZ! Florida teen steals grandma’s cash stash, doles out to classmates As a kid you have done things that got you in trouble. As a parent your child might have done something that required some disciplinary action. That’s just part of learning and growing. But what if your kid stole thousands of dollars from […]

THE BUZZ! Baltimore City schools shares plan to address teacher shortage School is less than a week away here in Baltimore and school districts are still faced with some challenges. One of them being a shortage of qualified teachers. BCPS officials say they will be hiring the same amount of teachers they hire every year, […]

Five major US cities already on track to break their 2021 homicide totals If you watch or read any news sources you will see that there are a lot of stories regarding violence and shootings and it seems so much sometimes it feels like its almost everyday someone is getting shot and killed. Well that […]