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Five major US cities already on track to break their 2021 homicide totals

If you watch or read any news sources you will see that there are a lot of stories regarding violence and shootings and it seems so much sometimes it feels like its almost everyday someone is getting shot and killed.
Well that feeling is happening in a lot of cities across this country but there are some where its happening a lot more than others.

According to a report from Fox News here are the top five cities who are on pace to pass their 2021 totals:
  • Los Angeles – a 7% increase
  • Washington DC – has seen a 13% jump
  • Baltimore – has an 8% spike
  • Milwaukee – having the largest spike with a 25% increase
  • Atlanta – homicides are up 13%
And if those numbers continue to increase it is almost a guarantee that 2022 will have more homicides than the previous year.
Not good.
Source: NY Post

Ludacris And Martin Lawrence Among Black Icons To Receive Stars On Hollywood Walk

Of Fame

Its taht time for the next superstars in entertainment from tv to music to get their names engraves with a star on Hollywood’s walk o fame and there are some Black music Icons who made the cut.
On hte list this year to receive the honor are artists such as Charlie Wilson, Sheila E the Queen of Percussion, Lenny Kravitz is getting a star, actor comedian Garrett Morris also, Ludacris, and Martin Lawrence who just had a 30 reunion for the Martin Show.
As of yesterday, no ceremony dates have been announced, but,  committee rules states that stars must schedule the ceremony for their induction within two years of being chosen and then the Walk of Fame panel will announce those dates ten days before they are scheduled to occur.
Congrats to all of them.
Source: Vibe

University System of Maryland no longer requires SAT/ACT scores for admissions

If you can flash it back to when you were in high school and it was getting closer to graduation if you had thoughts of going to college you had to take the SAT’s , the scholastic aptitude test, or the ACT’s, to gain admission to an institution of higher learning.
Well, when it comes to the schools in the University of Maryland School system, that’s not the case anymore. the University System of Maryland’s Board Regents held a meeting and decided that the SAT’s and ACT’s will now be optional and not necessary to gain admission into the 12 institutions throughout Maryland.
A chairperson on the Board of Regents speaking on the new policy said “The system is moving from a university centered perspective to a student centered perspective,” and added that Studies show that the tests have cultural bias to them, targeting under served populations.
The Board of Regents also voted in support of Towson University’s dorm name change. The Baltimore Sun reports that the dorms will now be renamed after the university’s first black students ,  Marvis Barnes and Myra Harris, who graduated in 1959 after segregation was outlawed.
Some notable changes happening in the Maryland education system.
Source: NBC
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