Rapper/ Actress Eve stated in an interview that marriage “tamed” her. Social media ran with it because Eve’s husband is white. Are we too race sensitive or did she use the wrong word?

  • Wrong word! She should know that as a celebrity everything she says matters.
  • Way too sensitive! She used the word tamed but that doesn’t have to have a racial connotation to it! Internet anger over everything is getting a little out of hand
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  • Eve needs to take several seats
  • I’m happy for her…she found the right man that completes her.. some people are just too sensitive over the wrong stuff
  • Seems like people always want or need to say something….. Even when it’s not negative and it’s just a plain statement – so sad
  • I think we all know what she MEANT……it was just a poor choice of words given the bi-racial aspect of her marriage.
  • MOST life changing decisions like marriage and having children will tame those who are ACTIVELY engaged and care.
  • I don’t think it was a poor choice of words, when you’re married to the right one it will do that. Should she had said my marriage calmed me down then people would have questioned that.
  • Tamed was a replacement for submit. The world is way to sensitive to race
  • I love my hubby! He is what I needed, and he completes me! I have dated Black men but some were not my soulmate, I believe my husband is what God intended me to marry. Love sees no color.

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