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Who takes a break-up harder men or women?

He Says …

  • Men….. because women have girlfriends they can go to as an outlet, men really don’t have that. We more so suck it up and keep it to ourselves because we may be seen as punks if we confide in another dude.
  • A man can have one reason for a break up,,,,women have year’s & year’s of things from the past that they’ve never forgiven you for,,,,
  • Somewhat equal. Women usually wear theirs on the surface
  • Women,,,,a man can lose one woman And it’s 4 more waiting in the wings,,,remember it’s 5 females to one man,,,,


She Says …

  • I think men cause they usually don’t see it coming
  • Women take it harder. Men get over it quickly and they usually have women / side boos already lined up
  • Depends. Who loves who more. If I never wanted you I’m not going to trip 
  • Can’t really say one or the other takes a break up hard. The person who was more emotionally invested in the relationship will take it the hardest.