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Morality Police: Laura Govan from BBWLA is suing her ex-fiance former NBA player Gilbert Arenas for $1 million because he sold her engagement ring after their recent break-up.

Is the ring his to do with what he wants? 

  • She just want some money she don’t have nothing to do with herself and to fall back on she has no skills to make it on her own… she’ll be back on reality t.v. because that’s all she knows
  • It’s his. It’s was a promise to marry and they decided other wise. Now after marriage it’s hers
  • It was considered a gift, so you can’t take it back once it’s given. Now if he hadn’t given it to her yet, then yes its still his and he can sell it.
  • She is foolish she gets nothing that is what judge is going to tell her
  • Their whole story is messy. She will get some of his money cause she has 4 of his children and basically he broke it off so she’s a little upset. The courts will have to decide this one.
  • The ring is part of a contractual agreement which in this case is marriage. Since they did not marry he is entitled to the ring. Now integrity is another matter! He left her previously when she was pregnant and at that time kicked her out of “their” house and provided no financial support. But she does have some blame in this in my opinion. After baby #1….not 2,3 or 4….she should have required marriage! You SHOW people what you are willing to accept and in that area she failed greatly.
  • An engagement is the promise to marriage, no marriage the ring is his to do what he wants but me, I would have not given it back
  • When a woman decides she can’t do it ( marriage) isn’t it customary to give it back???? My bad maybe it’s because of the 1 million dollar attached to this one…