Abortion as early as six weeks pregnant is now banned in Texas, giving the state one of the strictest laws in the country and the Supreme Court has not acted on it yet. A law known as S.B. 8, which bans abortions in Texas as early as six weeks into pregnancy has abortion clinics and […]

Mariah Carey is suing her ex-fiance for millions for wasting her time. She is saying she changed her life for him and missed out on opportunities and he has to now reimburse her. Would you ever sue an ex for wasting your time or is it just the risk of falling in love? Risk of […]

Morality Police: Laura Govan from BBWLA is suing her ex-fiance former NBA player Gilbert Arenas for $1 million because he sold her engagement ring after their recent break-up. Is the ring his to do with what he wants?  She just want some money she don’t have nothing to do with herself and to fall back […]

LaToya Jackson insinuated Omarosa pulled the plug on her late fiancee Michael Clarke Duncan and is now being sued by Omarosa. The ladies are on Donald Trump’s “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.” During an interview on “The Howard Stern Show,” Omarosa stated she’s planning to sue LaToya for her cruel comments. Omarosa said, “It is only actionable if she repeats it. […]

Mary J. Blige is being sued by Bank of America over a loan she has allegedly failed to repay in the allotted time. According to the New York Post, “the lawsuit filed in New York accuse Blige of defaulting on a $500,000 loan she took out in 2005 but stopped making payments in 2011, The lawsuit filed at Manhattan […]