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Abortion as early as six weeks pregnant is now banned in Texas, giving the state one of the strictest laws in the country and the Supreme Court has not acted on it yet.

A law known as S.B. 8, which bans abortions in Texas as early as six weeks into pregnancy has abortion clinics and planned parenthood offices turning patients away after the law went into effect last night. Now something else that’s really crazy about this law is that it will also allow citizens to sue abortion providers… yes private citizens are able to sue anyone who may have violated the law and anyone who assists in obtaining an abortion, including those who give people rides to a clinic or provide financial assistance. So they can sue your uber driver who takes you to a clinic. And citizens don’t need to show any connection to those they are suing for obtaining an abortion and could be entitled to at least $10,000.

Source: NBC


FBI agent who investigated sex crimes against children is charged for sex crimes against children

Now speaking of protecting children that’s what the FBI thought it was doing putting one of its agents 51 year old to investigate sex crimes involving children. Unfortunately that agent ended up getting arrested for alleged sex crimes across three states that included minors

He allegedly exposed himself to a 14 year old girl on vacation and other sex crime allegations involving adult and minor victims.

The Sheriff’s Office said. “Records were obtained from Harris’ issued government electronic devices finding conversation excerpts from Harris claiming his sexual preference to underage females and admitting to his exploits.

A judge found him “a threat to the public” and ordered him held without bond as he faces charges that include sexual battery, attempted rape, indecent behavior with juveniles and witness intimidation.

Sad and sick….It makes it hard to trust anything when you hear stuff like that.

Source: USA Today


San Antonio Zoo Will Start Vaccinating Some Animals to Protect Them Against COVID-19

Well some people are not trusting the vaccine but that’s not the case when it comes to this Zoo in San Antonio which is set to start vaccinating some of the animals there to protect them from the covid-19 virus.

According to Chronthe zoo will be working in conjunction with Zoetis, an animal health company that donated the vaccines,  they explained how many diseases come from animals at first, including COVID-19, so treating them against the virus will ultimately help people as well.

The vaccine that the zoo’s staff will be giving the animals is similar but not the same as the vaccine that humans have been taking. 

Even animals are getting vaccinated…

Source: Complex

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