jobseeke THE BUZZ! Maryland has the lowest unemployment rate in American history, at just 1.6% Lastly, Back home. Maryland’s job market has achieved a remarkable milestone. The state’s unemployment rate plummeted to an unprecedented low of 1.6% in September. This is a big difference to the national unemployment rate of 3.8% for the same month. […]

THE BUZZ! ‘Public health has lost the war’: States legalize raw milk, despite public health warnings First, Iowa has become the latest state to allow the sale of raw milk, a practice that has been opposed by public health authorities. Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized, a process that heats milk to […]

THE BUZZ! Sharing your Netflix, Prime Video or Disney Plus password could make you a criminal So we might all be guilty of this. Sharing the password to one or more of our streaming services. If it’s not yours you are more than likely using a family member or friends. Because of this many streaming […]

 THE BUZZ! DOJ sues Arizona for placing shipping containers at the border The federal government has filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for creating a border wall with shipping containers. The containers were put there by Arizona’s Republican Governor.  He issued an executive order to use shipping containers to fill in gaps along the […]

Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade published by Politico There’s been a huge leak from the highest court in the land that has people upset and protesting. The reason is, they learned that the Supreme Court is possibly considering to reverse Roe vs Wade. Politco published a story of the Supreme […]

District Attorney DROPS Charges Against Texas Woman for ‘Illegal Abortion’ So in Texas we know they have been some changes to the laws when it comes to abortion, the procedure is banned after six weeks. A law that has left women with some serious challenges and some tough decisions. One young woman took matters into […]

Baltimore mayor focuses on public safety in 2022 State of the City address So here in town City government is on the move  again as City hall is now open after two years and and one of the order of business was mayor Brandon Scott’s State of The City Address. one where he spoke to […]

Beyoncé Starts A TikTok Account, Sparking Conversations Of New Music Beyonce is buzzing after she started a Tik Tok account.  The account was confirmed by Tidal who stated Beyonce has entered the chat with a screenshot of her account. Since her account began just a few days ago she is now almost at 800 thousand followers. […]

Baltimore to pay fully vaccinated municipal employees $1,000 In Baltimore there has been a new vaccine incentive issued by Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott and Baltimore City Administrator Christopher Shorter for all vaccinated government city employees. So all city municipal employees who are fully vaccinated by January 14th, 2022 will receive a onetime $1,000 payment. The money […]

R. Kelly hires Bill Cosby’s lawyer to appeal sex trafficking conviction What do R Kelly and Bill Cosby have in common, one thing for sure is now the same lawyer. R Kelly is seeking legal help of Bill Cosby’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean to appeal his racketeering and sex trafficking conviction. The Chicago Tribune reported that his new lawyer […]