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Baltimore mayor focuses on public safety in 2022 State of the City address

So here in town City government is on the move  again as City hall is now open after two years and and one of the order of business was mayor Brandon Scott’s State of The City Address. one where he spoke to things such as public safety, supporting Baltimore’s Youth, transportation, city resources and infrastructure, pay equity and saving the inner harbor.
He also talked about his vision for Baltimore’s future and mentioned that his administration will be changing the way city government operates.

The Mayor said “Baltimore, let’s be honest. When I came into office, city government was broken and rotten to the core. From years of dysfunction to turmoil and misplaced focus. We had to start from scratch and build new systems from the foundation up. No longer putting new windows on a house with no roof. But together, we are paving a new path forward for our city and the proof of that is evident. We’re resilient, we are proud, and we will win against all odds.”
And we all can agree we want a better Baltimore.
Source: WBAL

Twitter Says It Is Working on an Edit Button

New news on the social media platform Twitter. they have a new board member and its the richest person in the world, Elon Musk, and just bought a 9.2 share of the company and got appointed to Twitters board of Directors.
After news broke he jokingly or maybe not tweeted Do you want an edit button?
Well it looks like it could be in the works as Twitter announced that is working on adding an edit button to the platform and will be testing out in the next few months. The plan is to allow users a chance to fix any typos or errors in a tweet without sacrificing any replies, retweets, or likes it’s already accrued.
And for fat finger people like myself, that could be very handy.
Source: The Verge

Student Accepted Into 54 Colleges And Receives $1,379,000 In Scholarships

Now this story is the kind we need to hear more of.  You might have seen it or heard about it on social media but i thought it should get some more love as this amazing young African American young women, Toriona Latrice is making things happen.
She is an 18 year old student from Alabama who is seeking to take her educational journey to the next level, so she applied to 54 schools. Well i am happy to say this young lady was accepted into all 54 schools and was even awarded a five full scholarships, as well as get this, over $1.3 million in scholarships. Absolutely amazing.
And she even offered up some motivation for the rest of us who need to get  things going. One of her tweets stated” i play sports, work, created a business, go to high school & college class, maintain a 4.0, big sister to small kids, plus keep up with my social life & mental health and i still make it happen. please dpwm. you make time when you want it. it’s called determination.
Latrice is still narrowing down her school of choice but plans to major in Political Science with a major in English to pursue a career as a Criminal Defense Attorney.
And after that my stop making excuses meter just went up.
Congratulations to Toriana Latrice.
Source: Blavity
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