THE BUZZ! Alabama town abolishes police department after officer’s slavery text surfaces A police department in Alabama is no more. The move comes after an officer allegedly sent a racist text. Per the report the text read allegedly texted, “What do y’all call a pregnant slave? … BOGO Buy one, get one free.” That lead […]

Baltimore mayor focuses on public safety in 2022 State of the City address So here in town City government is on the move  again as City hall is now open after two years and and one of the order of business was mayor Brandon Scott’s State of The City Address. one where he spoke to […]

Following the recent shocking death announcement of Miss Alabama for America Strong pageant Zoe Sozo Bethel, it's now been officially confirmed that she died due to blunt force trauma on February 18 while in Miami, Florida. 

Louisiana Teacher Arrested For Feeding Students Sperm-Filled Cupcakes Now we’ve heard some stories about teachers doing some crazy things to students and here is another one. One you are not going to believe.  So there is a teacher from Louisiana who admitted to and pleaded guilty to lacing cupcakes with her ex-husband’s sperm and feeding […]

On October 7, in Huntsville, Alabama, 29-year-old Christina Nance was found dead inside a Huntsville Police Department van. The Huntsville Police Department said she got in on her own, and they have the surveillance footage to prove it.

White councilman John "Tommy" Bryant is getting the ultimate side-eye, and many requests to resign from office, after his reiteration of The N-Word during a recent city council meeting in Tarrant City, Alabama.

One woman residing in Florence, Alabama, had her efforts to rid the city's courthouse of a Confederate-inspired marble statue called Eternal Vigil refused with little to no fanfare.

If someone out there is looking for their 31 bricks that washed up on a beach in Alabama, rest assured, it is in safe hands. Police in Alabama say beachgoers stumbled across the 66 pounds of cocaine, wrapped in bundles, during a Monday night outing along the shore. The massive find has a street value […]

In the suit, Nigel Shelby's family claims their son's civil rights were violated prior to his death in 2019.

Police believe remains found in Alabama wooded area is Aniah Blanchard.