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Mariah Carey is suing her ex-fiance for millions for wasting her time. She is saying she changed her life for him and missed out on opportunities and he has to now reimburse her.

Would you ever sue an ex for wasting your time or is it just the risk of falling in love?

  • Risk of Love or like Janet Jackson say, That’s the way Love Go.
  • I wish I could and I so would!!!
  • No because no matter how bad you always learn a lesson and all he could do was ask her-she did not have to do it!
  • Are you kidding me?! She needs to STOP IT! It’s not as if he asked her to move to another country, leave her children, sever all ties with her friends and loved ones. THIS SILLY WOMAN, made up HER OWN MIND TO RELOCATE. When you are in love/in like with someone, you do certain things, that maybe you regret doing.
  • I would file right now if I could
  • What’s the point if you didn’t get anything from the relationship why expect anything after.
  • How about Mariah is just crazy! She made changes on her own. Relationships go south every day. There wouldn’t be enough courts opened if people started suing people for this stuff. Pay better attention to the people you are dealing with and take heed of the little signs and feelings that something is not right.

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