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Who are you kicking out of bed for their crazy race comments? Stacey Dash or Raven Simone …

  • Well…the men can auto eliminate Raven anyway because she doesn’t swing “our” way anyhow
  • They are both looney
  • Stacey Dash….. If I had to choose. She’s a routine idiot on Fox.
  • Out the bed, hell they wouldn’t even step foot in my house.
  • Stacey Dash…Raven is just dumb founded
  • If we’re all in the same bed, at the same time…. What were we talking about again?…
  • I unfortunately haven’t had the privilege of encountering Ms.Dash comments/views. I have heard Ms. Simone’s and I cannot find the strength in dealing with her so my bedroom door is locked all night to her.
  • I used to love Raven, until she started talking.




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