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Shout out a Vintage Hottie … who could get it … even though they are much older or maybe not even here anymore?

Mine is Mr. Allstate and the original Black President — Actor Dennis Haysbert

Your List:

  • The illustrious Ms. Eartha Kitt!
  • Denzel! George Clooney!
  • Basketball great Dr. J
  • Sean Connery. Sexy old man.
  • Honey..Eric Braeden from the Young and the Restless … Victor Newman
  • Prince circa 1984-1988
  • Billy Dee love him in Lady Sings the Blues
  • Vanessa Williams. All day, every day.
  • Denise Nicholas & Rosalind Cash
  • Harry Belafonte and the late sexy hot chocolate Calvin Lockhart
  • Aalyiah, Pam Grier & Vivica
  • Chaka Khan & Tina Turner