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‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — Comedian / Actress Kim Coles’ engagement ring is actually her now husband’s mom’s engagement ring. I was surprised at some of the negative comments on the blog post about him doing this.

Is a man giving his mom’s engagement ring cheap or sentimental? Why?

  • I’m sure it was the lonely bitter one’s who don’t have anyone to spend the rest of their miserable life with. If it makes her happy why can’t everybody else be happy?
  • I think it is sentimental and old school romantic!
  • Woooo….here we go! See! This is what’s wrong with these money hungry heifers who want a man to go break his damn bank account to please her ass! NO! Have a seat! What Kim’s husband did was so classy and romantic, that these bank breaking chicks don’t know what the hell Romance is! 
  • I think that it’s sentimental. The relationship between and man and his mother is special. If he thinks enough of her to pass the ring on to her he must really love her.. I hope it’s a big ring though.. Lol just kidding
  • It is waaaay more valuable than a ring he could’ve bought. You can’t put a price on sentiment.
  • That’s a huge problem with society today. People tend to focus more on the ring and the wedding, than the actual marriage.
  • Cheap is not defined by one action. I’m sure there is some backdrop as to why he gave that to her. This doesn’t mean he can’t get her something else later if she wants. The fact that she did more than get engaged & actually married him shows she didn’t mind the reason or ring. 
  • I think it’s sweet! Most men who pass a family ring to their wife have been waiting for this special person all their life. That’s not cheap that’s a story to sit down and tell the grandkids later. Which is more valuable than anything.
  • It’s beyond sentimental! It’s a honor if a mother gives her son HER engagement ring to put on a woman’s finger!

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