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‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — First date killers … Do this and you won’t get a second date ...

  • Give your phone more attention then me. People can’t seem to enjoy someone’s company without doing that
  • Trying to stick your tongue down my throat at the end of the night or expecting something because you bought one meal!!!
  • Do the number 2 in my house
  • Being too aggressive and rude
  • Foul mouth language. excessive smoking and drinking
  • Ask me out then not have enough money to pay for the meal…
  • Had this happen to me…crying about your ex on the phone even before the first date.
  • Talk bout how much money u have, bragging.
  • Call me to tell me you’re outside, instead of knocking on my door.
  • If a lady is overly demanding and or always talking about her homeboys or her ex
  • Talk about how you once lived on the moon, came from the stars like Starman & saw our forever before we even met! TRUE STORY!!! Lmao! I was like WTH? He was so cute & crazy as hell! Lmao!!!

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