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If one spouse only works in the family, does the non-working spouse have to ask permission to spend the money? ‪#‎magichesaidshesaid‬

  • There should be a budget and no a non working spouse is not a child so no one should be asking another permission.
  • No, the non working spouse shouldn’t have to ask permission. They are a team and should have a budget that includes money allocated to the non working spouse as well as retirement savings.
  • The non working spouse don’t have to ask permission but just make sure everything is accounted for so the bills still get paid, the house is taken care of. Now if you aren’t working and plan to take money for extravagant shopping then we will have a problem Lol
  • What’s mine is hers, and what’s hers is hers…… no matter who’s paying the bills……lol!
  • There shouldn’t be a reason to ask. There should be a clear budget in place. I’m sure it’s hard on the working spouse especially if they have children

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