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Bedroom Confessional: She and her boyfriend have agreed to not have sex prior to marriage, but she needs it bad. She has been paying for it to keep the sex super secret. Now she fears marrying her boyfriend because he may not be able to compare to her experience with the pros. What should she do?

  • I’m just tryna find out where women paying for sex . i could use a part time job
  • She’s a deceitful person, should come clean and let him decide their fate.
  • As they say… everything that happens in the dark shall come to light. She may wanna come clean now otherwise it may be the end to a marriage.
  • SCANDALOUS! This young lady has already opened up a terrible Pandora’s box! Her boyfriend may never compare to her “pro”, because a pro is just that, “A PRO”!! All the special intimate spots she has May have already been tapped! Thus leaving the boyfriend potentially feeling he is inadequate with whatever skills he posses Stop paying for the secret sex and stick to your agreement!
  • First she needs to confess. Dont start a marriage on a lie. Second she should know what she wants and she should teach him. Love can overcome anything, but you have to come clean first
  • Why did she agree to something she knew she could not hold true to. If I was him this would make me rethink marriage.