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The Philly fighter has come clean and said he was a willing participant in the gay porn film that he originally said he was drugged to do. He said being a black man it is hard to embrace your sexuality when it is not the norm.

Do you think black people have to walk a tighter line when it comes to sexuality? Can we really love who we want to love or simply do the things we want to do?

  • No, I think when something is strange … it is strange whether you are black or white
  • Yes, I agree. It seems like it’s far more taboo in the black community.
  • Yes, my husband has prostate issues that affect our sex and he won’t seek medical care because he thinks as a black man his condition is rare. It is ignorant and I am pushing him to get help.
  • No, I think some sexual activity needs to be shamed. We are far too accepting.
  • Yes, I think my husband is struggling with coming out and it is destroying me. I want him to tell me, but I am also scared to finally know the truth.