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A social media post about an idea of having child support payments loaded on an EBT type card and limited to only “child-focused” purchases so that the funds could be tracked and limited to the child’s needs has people in their feelings.

If something like this was ever developed, would this be a better way to handle child support?

  • Yes!!!!! If I see another woman hair nails toes done with a fresh outfit on…..bringing her child outside with just a diaper on I’m going to scream
  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to regulate purchases, however, there needs to be an overhaul of the system. Perhaps when they check in with their case manager, they provide receipts, financial literacy course, money management, etc.
  • Damn, I had that idea over ten years ago. Women use child support to buy things for their new boyfriend instead of the kids. Kids are raggedy, the mom and new BF are dressed all fly.
  • My only problem is I take my kids on a lot of trips how can someone say this is for the kid or vice versa. Don’t limit my money on just clothes and shoes. Especially when my kids do dance swim and whatever they ask.
  • I think it sucks that we even have to have this conversation. That people have to be held accountable for taking care of their children. I like the idea. But I’m sad that it’s even necessary
  • Child support is just pay back of SOME of the money I spend on my child all month long! Let child support be 50% of the child’s entire expense for the month and dudes will really be mad
  • Definitely. We all know too many cases where the mother is living high off the hog, from child support payments. I agree something needs to be done
  • No, first of all why should any man or woman need the government to tell them to take care of your child/children? Child support isn’t just for child friendly items, your child still need a roof over their head, food to eat and clothes on their back.


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