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Marjorie Harvey is backing up Steve Harvey in this Miss Universe mess.  Can your lover tell you that you are wrong or do you expect unwavering support at all times?

  • Unwavering support publicly, tell them they the f’d up privately
  • I’m sure they mean backing him up as far as supporting him in this awful mistake. In no way can I see her saying he’s was right in what he actually did. I’m sure she’s saying he was right in taking full responsibility for the mistake. As she should.
  • I like to be told the truth. That Steve Harvey incident was an innocent honest mistake & I would’ve backed my husband too
  • If I’m wrong I expect him to be honest and tell me yet support me emotionally . Meaning check me without breaking my spirit and I do the same for him .
  • I think that being honest is apart of the relationship..whether there’re right or wrong, accept the criticism and move on
  • NO, I don’t want no “YES” woman! If I’m wrong, I’m wrong! Correct me, please! I am a reflection of my significant other, if I look bad,TOGETHER,WE BOTH look even WORSE!!
  • If you’re wrong, you’re wrong! Doesn’t mean I don’t support you!
  • Public support, private constructive criticism.
  • If you love someone then when they screw up you let them know or else they will never learn but you still show support and love. Steve Harvey’s situation, he made a big mistake during the show that everyone will be talking about for a long, long time but he apologized. Yes his wife she is doing what a wife would do support all the way.