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Waka and Tammy from Love and Hip Hop just posted their separation. Celebrities are quick to post the end of their relationships and marriages on social media to get the real story out there. I have noticed that this has moved into the mainstream with regular people even posting the end of their love affairs.

Should you post your break-up on social media to get ahead of gossip and innuendo?

  • Yes! Sometimes you need to get your side officially out there.
  • No not at all, if it is done then let it be done, there is no reason to drag the pain out, unless you really don’t want it to be over…. The whole world does not have to be in on the brake up, it will not get you a new Man or woman.
  • People post everything on social media and they work so hard at showing off their relationship whether they are in a good relationship or not and then when it falls apart they are trying to beat each other to the punch to show who dumped who first! It is sad and no everyone does not need to know your business.
  • I think if it’s public sure so people stop asking u….But if you keep it private then keep it private…..I’ll take private for 20000000000000 lol
  • Nah , for me, the celebrities would be very disappointed to know how little I cared as to the status of their relationship
  • No. That’s the problem with social media now, people have no chill with what they post. Everybody does not need to know your business