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Lots of love experts are coming out saying that a cheat can actually strengthen your relationship instead of blowing it up. They point to more confidence, less drama, better sex and many other factors that actually can make a cheating spouse a better spouse.

What do you think?

  • Why cheat? Have an open conversation about open relating
  • I’d say Yes! There are 2 types of cheaters; the respectful one, and the disrespectful one. In the case of the disrespectful one, not so much. However, what I’ve found is that men who cheat tend to feel the need to make up for their behavior. What I mean is that, if the guy goes out and cheats at 3pm, by 6pm his guilt kicks in and he may try 2 overcompensate! When u cheat u can’t let him/her know u cheated. So when u come home from cheating, you’ll cook, clean, massage, etc, and unbeknownst to the her, she thinks she has the best man in the world, but she doesn’t.
  • Its not cheating they call it wife/husband swapping or swinging….lol..and also those couples admittedly report that its the best thing thats ever happened to their marriage/ live and let’s be happy!

Here is an article with many points on how cheating actually helps. CLICK HERE