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Kevin Hart’s kids from his first marriage to comedian Torrei Hart were in his second wedding this weekend. People were saying that Torrei is a shero for allowing that to happen especially because the rumor is that the new wife was the other woman.

Could your children be in your ex’s wedding?

  • Yep! My daughter was gonna be in her dad’s wedding but he and his former fiancé called off the engagement
  • No! Especially if she was the other woman. Nothing of mine is celebrating her.
  • Torrei gets major respect for posting Congratulations to them on her IG page but she did what a good mother with no bitterness would do. They were at their dad’s wedding and in it so it shouldn’t have been any other way. I would have wanted them to be in it instead of excluded so that is good.
  • Definitely, they are both of our kids and would want them to share in their Dad’s special moments.
  • Contrary to popular belief, mothers do not OWN their children. Of course they should be in the wedding as long as they are okay with it.
  • People who says shes a shero say that cause they not mature enough or to vindictive to think THEY could ever do it. And thats sad. I look pass the comment and into the motive when people say stuff like this. Those are HIS kids too and if he wants them to be apart of the newness in his life and they want to be there who is she to keep them from doing it anyway?
  • If I trust her. When my first disaster (husband) and I separated the only reason he was allowed to see his son was because of the girlfriend. She was the only adult supervision for them both.

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