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Trick Daddy posted a video basically saying that black women need to get their game up because white and latin women are winning.

Do you think black men are slipping in their ability to appreciate and see the value and beauty in black women?

  • Absolutely yes, a lot if not most Black men have the “grass is greener” syndrome thinking that it’s always better on the other side . Which couldn’t be further from the truth
  • But why are we worried about the opinion of a “brother” who brags about beating his wife and going to jail for it? And than continues on to say he will do it again? I feel like any white and or Latino women who deals with him or any men like him has done black women a favor and I need to send her a thank you card!
  • From all that y’all fail to realize he was just talking about black women no keeping in shape. From what I see at the gym I see more white, Asian, Latino women working out daily at the gym than black women. I can prolly count how many different black women I’ve seen in the gym daily on a hand and a half. That’s just from what I see don’t kill me
  • What is the definition of winning? Speaking for myself as a black woman, I’m the prize? Together, as a team, and the right man or “black man,” combined, that’s the prize. I need my mate to appreciate my gifts beyond my outer appearance. Sexy is forming a sentence, holding a conversation, making each other laugh and building our wealth.
  • Not all black men but I will be honest for a lot- I think the black woman could be Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, etc. any number of gorgeous black women and they will still push you aside for the more unattractive or average white or Latina friend- I have rarely seen that many drop dead gorgeous white women with black men. Black women have been labeled to sassy, too opinionated and outspoken in a lot of cases.
  • Trick Daddy is in the minority. The majority of Black men appreciate Black women.
  • The common denominator in your life is you!!! So when you say all……..are bad because…blah,blah,blah!!! What you are really saying is I’m trifling and something is wrong with me because of that I attract trifling ppl! Just Man up or Woman up!! It’s not all ppl,it’s you!!!
  • What’s his definition of winning? Is the contest to get black men? My definition of winning is having a happy and fulfilling life. Doesn’t he have Lupus? I bet if you ask him he would say he’s beating Lupus because he’s still living happily. Why are we defining victory by what someone finds attractive. Trick Daddy doesn’t speak for me…hell the negroe’s name TRICK DADDY!!
  • Who ever decides to date him.. definitely is not winning ! I think .. men and women should get their game up … for real relationships.. so many unbalanced relationships and misconceptions on relationships has me confused
  • The dudes who can’t see aren’t the quality dudes anyway. Not talking about guys who are in interracial relationships for the right reason — love — but those who seek them out because they hate their mamas.

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