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If children are the future, the future is looking pretty awesome. Kimora and Russell Simmons’ daughter Aoki Lee Simmons just gave the most intelligent clapback of 2016, after a commenter on Instagram addressed her with the crazy.

“Almost one million dollars a day until the end of the school year, so 10-year-old Baron Trump can attend his school of choice,” she said in an Instagram post captioned a photo of the Empire State Building. What Simmons speaks of is Trump’s son and wife choosing to live in New York City while he serves as president, costing taxpayers money to provide them double secret service. She adds, “The money should go towards the betterment of the city, not towards an overindulgent family.”

In response, a commenter said, “Hahaha, when kids talk politics! Go wear your pajamas and go to sleep! @aokileesimmons”

Problem is, the 14-year-old was making an accurate statement and bold move by highlighting an injustice in our civil system. Plus, she’s well-educated and not here for the B.S.

So in response she said, “That’s a logical fallacy, attacking who I am (a minor) as oppose to the position I am taking or the idea I am presenting.”

Adding, “Logical fallacies are something you can learn to avoid in 10th grade debate class. I am fortunate to have plenty of resources to research current politics and am plenty intelligent enough to form opinions based upon this research. And really, if I’m such an insignificant child, why on earth do you follow me? Better I’m out here forming political opinions and researching than taking drugs and getting drunk. And yes, I do enjoy a good nap here and there. Who doesn’t?”


It warms our hearts to see Millennials educating and emboldening themselves to address age-old forms of racism. And it’s also is good to know, despite their celebrity, Russell and Kimora raised such a upstanding young woman.

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