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There was a hug between two black male actors at the Golden Globes that got people talking. It was a genuine loving and happy moment that of course sent some people over the edge about the appropriateness of men hugging.

Is it wrong for men to hug?

Are we really that jaded that any male emotion has to be some indictment on their sexuality?

Do only gay men hug?

  • Some people have phobias based on their own insecurities. Whether it’s a straight hug or a gay hug it is a gesture of providing comfort. I’d much rather see that than us fighting/killing each other.
  • I think men SHOULD hug, and show affection! Too many broken men and boys in this world! A simple hug from a father, brother, uncle, or friend, could save their lives!
  • Silly people… SMH of course, it is appropriate for men to hug.
  • No, that’s ridiculous. I have close male friends that I hug. Only a guy who’s insecure with his own sexuality would feel that way.
  • Not wrong at all. It’s my personal opinion that people that are overly homophobic and question the simplest or pure things (I.e. a hug, or giving a compliment), secretly struggle with their sexuality.
  • I have a few male friends that I hug on occasion. I don’t believe that it’s an indictment on anyone’s sexuality.