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Should a man pressure a woman to lose weight if she gained the weight having his babies?

  • Both of them can certainly accept it, and all the clogged arteries and health issues that come along with it.

    Past a certain period it’s no longer baby weight…you’re just overweight baby .

  • No he should encourage her to get healthy and make changes in his life and that way it’s them working together as a team and not make her feel like he is against her
  • You know you could just stop after “pressure a woman to lose weight”. The reason doesn’t matter – NO! Even if it’s a health issue, you work WITH her and support her
  • He should accept her with or without the weight. How many women stay with their men after he gains weight?
  • If i ever get overweight i give u FULL unadulterated permission to pressure me to lose it…f that. Don’t pacify me making it seem like it’s ok to be overweight and unhealthy. Drag me to the gym if necessary…no exceptions!
  • He should be her biggest fan and encourager. If she has expressed the desire to lose weight he should be a positive source of encouragement to her. Once she commits to losing the weight he must then become her accountability partner and safety net.


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