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Moral Monday: If your spouse was caught having an affair with their boss and you are now getting a divorce would you inform their employer of the affair in retaliation or would you simply move on?

  • Nah. It’s not worth it. Someone has to be the bigger person.
  • The pain one would have to deal with that type of situation, mounted with the embarrassment, could easily create a vindictive “clap back”. but an eye for an eye only lead to more blindness….i’d just move on.
  • If the affair is the cause of us getting a divorce,I most certainly would tell everyone that walk out of the door.
  • Move on. It’s not worth the stress of someone else when you have some much more going for yourself.
  • That would be the definition of cutting off ones nose to spite ones face. The marriage is over, Why screw up your money?
  • Tell because the job/ business is now lacking attentive workers to do/run the job sufficiently. The company is at stake for distracted and raunchy people.
  • The mad side says sing like a bird, the financial side says take his paycheck straight to the bank
  • Move on…F them both. It will catch up with them both.

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