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They are making advances in developing very human like sex robots with estimates that a decent model could hit the market in less than 5 years. They have real skin and can be as sexual or romantic as you command them to be. Would you ever give a sex robot a run or is it too strange?

Unsung Cruise
  • Strangely interesting….and if i stay single..i probably would give it a whirl…these human men getting really lame..and then there’s that erectile dysfunction malfunctioning thing they tend to get…hmmm? ladies lets consider this for a moment or two
  • If I was single, sure.
  • Interesting; but very strange. Another way for humans to not interact with one another.
  • It’s the safest sex. We may have no other choice
  • With the drought I’m in sexually I can’t wait to buy one!
  • Yea, if she can moan an groan … even if she’s faking It
  • It will cut down on the STD’s
  • Naw a vibrator is enough. I feel like if I used a robot it would make me feel like ” damn is things so bad that it comes to this” the real thing is always better

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