THE BUZZ! ‘Robot lawyer’ DoNotPay is being sued by a law firm because it ‘does not have a law degree’ First up. Would you take legal advice from a robot? That’s what some people have done when they signed up to get legal assistance from the app DoNotPay. The app describes itself as the first Robot […]

 THE BUZZ! San Francisco considers allowing law enforcement robots to use lethal force The past few years have been in no doubt very eye opening with the amount of incidents of police fatal shootings. What if in those situations the Police officer was not the one using deadly force, what if it was a robot. […]

They are making advances in developing very human like sex robots with estimates that a decent model could hit the market in less than 5 years. They have real skin and can be as sexual or romantic as you command them to be. Would you ever give a sex robot a run or is it […]

Scientist says that human physical relationships can become primitive as humanity embraces machines as partners. Advances in artificial intelligence could be so realistic it will be possible…