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Bill Maher is politically incorrect; so much so, he had a show by that name. He's said so many offensive things over the years about whites, conservatives and God knows who else. But we loved him because he was liberal and he wasn't talking about us. Black people had to know, at some point, something he said was going to step on our toes too. That's what he does. His use of the N-word, in the context in which he used it, was a very poor decision. Horrible. With his show being live and him being a comedian, he didn't have time to measure his words. He just said what came naturally. I'm not upset because now I'm aware that "n*gger" is part of his vocabulary. He uses the word. Frequently. Maybe he's a closet user. Or maybe he's a "cool" white guy that has been given a pass by his black friends and uses the word with them (I don't believe in those passes. White friends, I love you but don't try that with me.). Either way, he was very comfortable with the word. So much so that he thought in that term and it comfortably rolled off of his tongue. With that being said, had Chris Rock said the exact same thing in the exact same context, I would have laughed and most of the people reading this would have too. Is Bill wrong? Absolutely. Is he racist? I can't say that. Does he bear watching? Ya damn skippy. SOME of these bleeding hearts have some ugliness hidden underneath their liberal cloaks. SOME of these liberals appear to love black folk but are really engaged in fetishism. They consume us and want to "save" us in spite of ourselves, to reinforce their superiority. FYI…"N*gger" is the forbidden fruit of the English language. You'd be surprised who takes a bite when nobody's looking (or listening). And another thing… Bill knew referring to himself as a n*gger would not get him fired versus referring to someone else as one. #yourfavoritegirl #opinion #nword #billmaher

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